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      Index > How to make plastic bags ?

      How to make plastic bags ?

      If you want to make plastic bags, you should firstly know the process of production:
      1. At first, it is to produce film, for example HDPE film. The film is generally rolled up on the paper core
      2. At second, it is to print the film. After printing is finished, the film is rolled up on core again
      3. At last, it is to seal and cut the film in different way, so the film is converted into different plastic bags.

      Therefore, you should buy film extruder machine, printer machine and bag sealing&cutting machine.
      The last stage, sealing and cutting stage, is very special, because different sealing and cutting way will make different bags. So before you enter into this business, you must know what type of plastic bags you plan to make.

      Also, you should check the size range of the bags you want to make.

      The moment we know the bag type and the bag size, we can decide what machines and waht machine size you should buy.

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