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      Index > How to recycle the waste plastic ?

      How to recycle the waste plastic ?

      When you make the bags or film, it will produce some waste. We can recycle the waste. How do you recycle the waste ?

      1. At first, you should separate the films and bags from the lump.

      2. At second, you should buy a granulating machine to recycle the film and bags or lump.

      A. The granulating machine for film and bags are different from the one for rigid lump.

      3. Before recycle them, you should crush the film and bags or rigid lump into small pieces.

      So you should buy crusher or shedder and granulating machine. In order to know the size of the machines, you should check what kind of production capacity you need.

      To recycle the film and bags, you can also use agglomerating machine.

      If you don't only recycle the waste produced by your own factory, you also want to buy waste and recycle them, so the waste bought in the market maybe very dirty, so you should also buy washing machines and drying machines.

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