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      Index > How to choose a proper printer machine ?

      How to choose a proper printer machine ?

      If you are new in the printing business, you may feel very confused about how to choose a right printing machine. Here are some tips for you:

      1. You should know what material you want to print. Generally, there are three kinds of material:

      a. Plastic film.

      b. Paper

      c. fiber cloth

      The printing machine for these three kinds are different.

      2. You should know the web width of the material. If you want to set up a roll-to-roll printing machine, you must know the width of the material.

      3. You should know the size of the material roll. The size we mean is the diameter of the material roll and weight of the material roll. If the material roll is very big, the printing machine will be special in some place.

      4. You should know how many colors station you need, for example, you want to print six colors, eight colors, etc.

      5. You should know what ink you will use. There are solvent ink, water ink and UV ink.

      If you have some ideas about above mentioned things, you can make the decision about the printing machine.

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